"Yusuf is much more than a guide. From the moment you meet him you know that he is an honest, caring individual who has your best interests in mind and will go out of his way to make sure you are safe and having the most amazing experience possible. When you leave Africa I guarantee that you will think of Yusuf as a long lost family member."

— Troy Cusson, Kili & Meru '13 / Safari '16 / Safari '18

"Yusuf guided me up Kilimanjaro and across the Serengeti in 2013. If you are looking for the most amazing, awe-inspiring experience of Africa, Yusuf is the guy to call. He has the most infectious laugh and smile…you can’t help but to feel happy whenever Yusuf is nearby. His knowledge of the African culture, landscape, environment and wildlife is endless. He truly provides an experience that you will cherish and talk about for a lifetime. Trust me when I say, by the end of the trip you will wish you were able to pack Yusuf up and bring him home with you, . . . he will feel like he is family."

— Tammy Dostman, Kili & Safari '13

“When we were on Safari in Tanzania, I was sick with a bronchial infection. Not feeling well at all, Yusuf kept checking up on me and making sure I had everything I needed. I remember him saying, ‘Oh Maria, as soon as you see some zebras you will feel better!!’ And he was right. He is a kind, loving human being and an excellent safari guide!”

— Maria Gillard, Safari 2016

“I booked Yusuf for a safari because he is not only a knowledgeable safari guide but he also tells great stories. Yusuf’s smile is as big as the Ngorongoro Crater and you cannot help but become his friend.”

— Tom Stevens

“Yusuf is a compassionate, intelligent man with many talents. One of the greatest is what I will call karibisha. It means, ‘welcome’. When you are with Yusuf, whether in a tent at 16,000 feet, a land cruiser at the bottom of the Ngorongoro Crater, or a town or city anywhere in Tanzania, you will feel karibisha. Those who have climbed Kilimanjaro with Yusuf have literally placed their lives in his capable hands – and would do so again. I have gone on safari with Yusuf, worked beside him on a building project, met his family, and shared the hospitality of his home. If you are planning to visit Tanzania, you won’t find a better guide, host, or friend.”

— Bill Thomas, Safari '16

“Yusuf and the porters started to dance and sing for us as each one of us reached the rest of the group. This angel guided and protected me to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.”

— Ginny Squire

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"Yusuf is an extraordinary guide. We saw everything we wanted and more. I still don’t know how he was able to spot the animals in the distance and then bring us close enough for a wonderful view. He is friendly and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him."

— Esther T., Safari '16

"20 years ago Yusuf and I met when he was a guide with me on Kilimanjaro. Over the years he has become part of my family. We have shared life on both continents, here and Africa, and taken many, many various expeditions together. I have sent him many clients over the years, and he personally took care of each of them. We both are brothers in how we believe in caring for the people who go with us, work for us and we come in contact with. More then just taking people on an experience, Yusuf lives his life in a compassionate way. His work is an extension of this. You will not only be seeing Tanzania but you will share in experiencing the richness of humanity that we all have in common. Traveling with Yusuf has changed many of our lives. I am proud to call him my brother. I have said many times that you may go to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro but you are more likely to remember the mutual friendships forged over a cup of chia, that you have in a local village, with the people from Tanzania who have shared your journey, more than reaching the actual summit." — Rick French, President - Pack Paddle Ski